About Our Products


Along with Traditional CD Vodka, our ultra premium vodka is available in many flavored varieties:

Raspberry, Vanilla, Lemon, Chocolate – Peppermint, Peach, Pineapple, Coconut (seasonal) , Strawberry (seasonal)

Better products than the “big box” companies offer….at a fair price

It is no secret that the American demand for true crafts spirits has reached amazing heights.  CD Vodka is hand crafted and the quality shows through with every sip.  When compared at taste tests to large international vodka brands, CD Vodka consistently comes out on top.  Our vodka is smooth with just the right hint of sweetness.  Drink it straight up or mix it in your favorite cocktail and you will know you are drinking a true super premium vodka.




Our Torta Bianca…a decadent cream based liqueur

Torta Bianca is a new take on the cream drink.  We use a combination of high end ingredients to make this perfect indulgent specialty.  While many products use a lower grade Caribbean Rum as their alcohol base, we use Ultra Premium CD vodka.   Mixed with a cream base, white cake, and chocolate truffle flavoring, Torta Bianca is a neutral yet positively flavor filled liqueur which is perfect straight up, for a mixer, in your coffee, or as a martini base.  Once you try this one, you will swear off other cream based products forever!


When we set out to make CD Vodka, we knew two things:

It had to be perfect and it had to be affordable.

So we did some research into the history of vodka production. Our vodka inspiration is based on the following true story: “Catalina Dynastii” loosely translated from Russian means “Catherine’s Dynasty”. This refers to the rule of Catherine The Great. Catherine was the empress of Russia during the late 1700′s… Yes, another one of those things from school that you forgot!

During Catherine’s reign, she allowed only the noble class to produce vodka in their homes for their friends and family. The catch was that they were not allowed to sell it. Because the vodka was specifically made for their friends and families, only the most stringent methods of processing were used to produce the purest vodka. The quality of the vodka during this time period was said to be the best in the history of the world.

We have taken the same care in production methods of our vodka, with an updated perspective…we make the vodka fit for the noble class available to the masses at an affordable price.  Our vodka stands out as the smoothest, highest quality available at an affordable price.

Try CD Vodka today and experience Vodka at its finest!